Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Video Disco- A new way to make any event a success

Video disco can be used to make any occasion extra special. Video disco helps you to create the atmosphere of a disco at the place of your event. A Video disco uses a combination of excellent lighting, video screens and music to create the ambience of a disco. They can be used for any occasion including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and corporate events to add an extra dash of excitement for the guests.

The video screen becomes an added important point and can be used to display videos, photographs and also the live feed of the dance floor which will make the invitees much more interested in the party.

One can also use the screens to display the company logo or photographs to liven up the atmosphere which are appropriate for corporate functions or weddings. The entire experience of video disco should be enjoyed to actually understand what it is. The huge video screens are a part of the experience which project music videos of leading singers and musicians during the event. They are strategically located so that the guests can view them easily and enjoy the complete entertainment with ease. The video screens help the guests get in the party mood much quicker as they can see their favourite singer’s videos displayed on huge LCD screens and projectors. The huge screens can also be used to display football matches or photographs of guests at the event to make them feel special.

The Video disco also has sophisticated lighting equipment which will help turn any event into an actual disco experience. Some Video Discos also allow playing DVD’s of the client’s choice, live TV events, slideshows and pictures provided by the guests making any event unique.

A video disco not only brings a live disco to the venue, it also helps to see the client’s favourite stars perform at their event. The ambience a Video disco creates is a class apart. The stunning visual images, superb lighting and excellent music will put anyone in a party mood.

A good Video disco will have DJ’s who know how to change the mood of any party. The song selection and the graphics display should be tuned to the type of event. There are many Video Disco’s that also provide add-ons for an additional cost which include LED up lighters, dance floor hire, stage and staging systems, starlit cloth backdrop etc. All these add-ons help create a video disco experience a unique and memorable event.

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