Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Important questions to ask when you plan to hire a wedding Disco

A wedding day is one of the most important days of anyone’s life. You have to take care of many things and at the same time want everything to be just perfect. There are many things to consider right from the dress, the venue, caterer, flowers, music and decorations. Choosing music for your wedding becomes the single most important factor which can make your wedding day a memorable one.

When it comes to music it is wise to choose a professional wedding disco to play music and provide entertainment to your guests instead of asking your buddies to take care of the music. A skilled wedding disco hire will transform the mood of your guests and make them remember your wedding day for a long time.

When you start looking around for a wedding disco hire, you need to ask the following questions to the company before you plan to hire them.

1) Can the wedding disco hire provide references where you can enquire about the quality of services provided by the company?

2) Does the wedding disco hire provide you with formal quotes for their services? A professional company will provide you with a written quote.

3) Is the wedding disco hire associated with a wedding vendor or venues in their local area? If they are, then are they ready to provide references of the vendors or wedding planners with whom they have worked in the past? You will be able to gauge whether the company will be able to co-operate with your wedding planner and even with you.

4) Does the wedding disco hire need a signed agreement? It is always better to have a written agreement which outlines the services the wedding disco hire company is bound to provide. Also, you will be relaxed knowing that the company cannot back out and is obliged to provide you services on your wedding day.

5) Does the wedding disco hire need a deposit? If they do, then you can be sure that the company is serious about your event and paying a deposit will help to solidify the contract.

6) Ask them about travel expenses and whether the wedding disco hire company will charge you for transportation charges.

7) Are they a licensed business entity in their area? A reputable wedding disco will have a business licence.

8) Do they have business liability insurance? It is important to check if the wedding disco has insurance so that you are not liable to pay for any damages incurred by the company at the venue. Their Insurance will cover the expenses.

9) What type of equipment do they use? Do they have any backup equipment in case of emergencies?

10) What range of music do they play? What is the genre of music they specialise in and whether they provide government licensed music?

11) Is the wedding disco ready to give you samples of their work and also sample videos of other weddings where they have performed?

12) Last but not the least; do they provide a pre wedding music consultation? It is important to sit together and decide on the type of music you want. You should inform the wedding disco your expectations and high points of your wedding day so that they are clear about the type of music and entertainment they have to provide.

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