Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Things to expect when hiring a video DJ

These days typical music jockeys have become quite outdated. Gone are the days when all the Dj did was spin a few records and do beat matching. They have moved way past their typical style of mixing songs and are now known as a Video DJ who can integrate videos into the mix to create a wonderful experience of music and visuals together.

The Video DJ is not a person who carries a DVD player and just plays music but creates magic by transforming any party into an MTV style celebration. A video DJ will use sophisticated equipment to show his talents. He will mix the sound with music videos to create a concert performance to enthral people who have been invited to the party.

A good video Dj will have the latest videos of chartbusters including popular numbers from the past 30 years. A good Video DJ will use state of the art equipment for fine quality sound and visuals to make any party a roaring success. He should be able to gauge the mood of the crowd and depending on it, should be able to change the music to pep up the mood of the event. A video DJ can also provide state of the art lighting to make your event even more attractive. A video Dj will help client’s select the music and videos which will be suitable so that the client is sure of the music that will play at the event. A video Dj will have a collection of plasma screens and projection screens which help liven up any party. He will play music videos which help people on the dance floor to sing and dance along with their favourite singer and also entertain people who are not interested in dancing.

It is important to sign a contract with the Video Dj to ensure that both the parties are clear about their expectations. A professional Video Dj will also provide the customer with references and a client list so that a customer can be sure about the quality of services. Many Video Dj’s also have YouTube videos or recorded videos of their previous programmes which helps the customer to check the quality of performance and service of the Video Dj.

Professional lighting and sound equipment, coupled with foot tapping music and videos of favourite celebrities will make any venue and event a great success. A good Video Dj will help the client set the mood of the party and increase the ‘wow’ factor of any celebration.

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